[gnulab-mesce] Report of the workshop on localisation and internationalisation held on 11-04-08

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  • Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2008 16:56:59 -0700 (PDT)

Hi there,
So we have people who didnt come to the workshop,missing the online
registration and fearing that without making an online registration
they cant come!...so for them and for those who missed the
workshop,due to other busy schedules, i am trying to brief about what
happened on and around 11-04-08.please correct me wherever i am wrong
and add things that i missed.

We started the inaugural ceremony by 10:00 am.Raju sir started by
welcoming all to the workshop.Col.Induchudan sir,HOD of IT dept: was
our chief guest.He did the formal inauguration of the workshop.Later
Raju sir,Invited Jinesh to give an introduction about the
workshop.Jinesh briefly explained what the workshop is all about.He
started the workshop with an introduction and then handed over to
me,to take an introductory session on how malayalam is handled on
computer(the user level things)and some very basics about unicode.

The previous day, We a team of free software fans[FSFs?],including
Mahesh,and first year cse guys Manu,Krishna Raj,Vishnu and savanan and
myself was in the lab till 7:00-7:30pm installing the malayalam
locale,and the essential softwares in all computers.Thanks to the
teachers at IT lab,they have been so helpful in setting that up.We
saw,how interesting it would be if we could team up and hack every
night in the lab..it was a new joy for us.

So with those installations,it was very easy for me to show the
participants how it worked.But those are just user level hacks,every
man with some common sense could study himself,with some time.We did
that to show the students who are yet to start,that these things are
soo easy and its there for making our life easier:) we showed them,the
default inscript method of inputing malayalam,the difference between
lalitha and the usual keymap.Swanalekha was shown and finally ending
up with tuxtype.

After this introduction the workshop changed to its second
phase,explaining what we can do in this area as Engineers.How we can
make a career around language technology,what all are oppurtunities
around language technology that usually are not taken seriously while
considering our career options.He explained about what
localisation(l10n) and internationalisation(i18n) is all about and the
community efforts in this area.I am attaching the presentation he used
for his talk with this mail so those who didnt come can have an
overview on things he covered in the workshop.

there were some time left after jinesh's workshop,so i took a brief
session on IRC.Which is one of the must-know kind of thing for an
engineering student.Where almost every free software projects are
discussed and where we get quality help,provided we behave well;-) [to
add a lill thing to that- People,i am alone at our home #mes-fsf;-).so
while being online,just try to be there at #mes-fsf.Its as easy as
clicking this link 
and clicking connect there]

The workshop ended with the valedictory function which was chaired by
our Director,DR.K P Mohammed sir.He wished all the best for our
ventures and said that the idea to make use of the lunch time is good.

Thus the second activity of GNU Labs got to an end
successfully.Raghesh sir's and Raju sir's strong support is what
enables us to cover our disabilities and shortcomings in organising
such functions and we will try to improve through activities.

Special thanks to all who attended and we hope,you people become
active in the near future,that we together can move to more
meaningfull activities than mere workshops like,if you people got
interested in localisation,we can very well start a localisation group
and start localising KDE who's malayalam status is quite
low.remember,u just wanna know malayalam and absolutely no programming
skill is required,u just want to know,how to edit a text in a
computer..believe me!:)

So we just had a good start and lets together go forward to build a
better future.

happy hacking

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