[gnulab-mesce] Poster Draft for 11th's workshop on localisation

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  • Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2008 22:22:16 +0530

I have tried making a poster/notice kind of thing for our next activity on
11th on localisation.I have arbitrarly entered many assumable variables to
fill up the notice space, which can be corrected later as u see it.Check out
and after corrections,we can publish that by tommorrow itself.:)

note:i have used inkscape to produce this poster.Anivar said me that
inkscape is the best tool available to produce malayalam DTP though its not
primarily for that Rendering issues are not a problem in inkscape as that
has usual pango backend.With meera version 4 font,it looks perfect even with
So in inkscape,after typing the whole thing,i exported it as png,and opening
openoffice,i inserted that one per page and there i exported it to pdf!:)
quite a lott of tricks but the result is worth the effort..so if u wanna
edit,open the svg in inkscape ,after editing export that to png,insert that
in open office,export that as pdf....hosshh:)


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