[gnulab-mesce] Re: Mailing List Created For GNU Lab Activities

  • From: "raghesh a" <raghesh.a@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "ശ്യാം കാരനാട്ട് | shyam karanattu" <aeshyamae@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 2 Mar 2008 14:47:49 +0530

On 3/2/08, ശ്യാം കാരനാട്ട് | shyam karanattu <aeshyamae@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 22, 2008 at 5:07 PM, raghesh a <raghesh.a@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Hi All,
> >
> > I have created a mailing list for discussing acivities at gnulab,
> > especially for the 'Freebird' Project. The name of the list is 
> > gnulab-mesce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> > .
> >
> > Please subscribe to the list by sending email to
> > gnulab-mesce-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxx with 'subscribe' in the Subject
> > field.
> >
> > To post on the list, send email to gnulab-mesce@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Hi all, terribly sorry for this late reply..but we have been active
> offline, so that i have a lottt to share with you.
> 1)i have made the wikia page up for GNULAB@MESCE up .its linked at
> http://fci.wikia.com/wiki/MESCE/FSF
> please checkout those couple of pages and do add your ideas.Activities and
> projects that we plan have been listed in the gnulab page
> http://fci.wikia.com/wiki/Malappuram/MESCE/FSF/GNU_LAB .


The wiki was nice one. As a first step all the students of our college
should know that such an event is going to happen along with  MESTECH. For
that as you thought making good posters will do it. I think It should be
done within the next week itself. We should have more number of students
participating in every projects before the event.

Try to give details about the wiki and mailing list in the posters.

Keep up the good work


2)Along with this MESTECH we plan to officially launch GNULAB in our
> college.Luckly march 26th is being celebrated as document freedom day.So i
> have registered for GNU LAB team at http://www.documentfreedom.org check
> out that site for details.(we are awaiting their started package too;-))and
> so we plan to celebrate document freedom day too along with the inauguration
> of GNU LAB.
> 3)We plan to make some nice posters by next week itself,i have in mind the
> idea for one poster that goes like this.
> the poster is a cartoon at xkcd.com which is given with an introduction at
> the begining like,
> "there are a lott of text editors and in gnu there is always friendly
> flame wars between different fan groups of text editors..in which emacs
> represents the all-in-one group who says emacs is an OS and linux is just a
> device driver.They says this because those guys live their life emacs
> doing,chating in emacs,programming in emacs,listening to music in
> emacs,checking mails in emacs,viewing pdfs and lottt more and...like emacs
> there are other editors who are simple true editors which are nice and light
> weight editors,truely for the purpose of editing and not operating
> systems..like vim,ed,cat,nano.. here is a cartoon from xkcd.com
> <and the image at http://xkcd.com/378/ is pasted here>
> "what you say about this?
> once again sorry for being late posting all this onlne..
> and today is march two and lets start marching two wards freedom;-)
> thanks for your patience
> happy hacking
> Shyam.k
> Thanks and Regards,
> > Raghesh

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