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Hi mahesh,
comments inline..

>> On Mon, Aug 25, 2008 at 10:47 AM, മഹേഷ് മുകുന്ദന് | Mahesh M <
>> maheshmukundan@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> I had sent this mail to some Debian list, but perhaps a wrong
>>> destination. If anyone has some idea on any of these please do reply. And if
>>> possible bring it to the notice of Debian Officials.
>> May be coz you didnt follow the usual way of doing things that i have
explained at the last of this mail.

>>> Hello..
>>> Lenny is a great work.
>>> I would like to point out some of the troubles that many people (home
>>> use) faced when they tried Lenny testing (the last release before freezing).
>> It wasnt any release that we downloaded.That was one of the isos from the
weekly release..(For those who dont know, Debian releases  weekly version of
Lenny as they will re arrange the configurations as new softwares releases).
So weekly release differ in stability and configuration.
That is why the first cd(NOT DVD) of debian didnt had synaptic in it at that
time. Now it has been restored. Lenny is only having these weekly release
till the release...debian continues to release weekly versions and now i am
downloading the one they set up on 25/08/08.

> Here we installed Lenny on many more systems in our college lab and in
>>> friends' laptops. Some of the troubles are pointed below:
>>> * After installation drive names was once needed to be changed to sda
>>> from hda in the grub. System failed to continue after loading the kernel.
>>> (Edited the line root=/dev/hda8 blah blah to ...sda8...)
>>> * CD/DVD drives are some times loaded as scd, sdd, hdd, hdb etc etc in
>>> /dev/. It sometimes causes trouble.
>>> * /etc/fstab entries do not always match with the actual device names
>>> (hda instead of sda kind of error) as in the /dev/
>>> * Disk drives are mounted by their name in /media instead of being
>>> mounted in /media/cdrom. Synaptic will not detect the disk. Will have to be
>>> manually remounted.
>> About all these problems related to fstab.. Just doing a web search on
"/etc/fstab entries do not match with the partitions" also would lead you to
the solutions described in ubuntu forums.. also see see
So DO  Search the net a bit you could find out  answer to 99% of your

> * Too much security for a user(a newbie finds all these very difficult)
>> What exactly is difficult? asking for passwords can easily be tackled by
using keyring managers which remembers passwords..

Add the user to admin group(admin group by default will be sudoers)(any
newbie can do it with simple mouse clicks at system->administration->users
and groups there manage groups to add the user to admin group.
Also set the required user privilages at the properties of that user.

> . Cant mount "ntfs" disks,
>> searching for  "ntfs partitions with write access" gave me sufficient data
about how to mount ntfs with ntfs-3g

> even if mounted cant access it,
>> May be the above will solve this problem, add it to /etc/fstab with
ntfs-3g it should all be ok for the user too..  also make the user to admin
group and give sufficient privilages at first..

> "root" cant mount cd , usb etc. Are all these actually necessary?? Should
>>> user given an option to select the way he wants all these to be??
>>> * What happened to the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file?? Everything different in
>>> it. Many people had complaints with resolution, but cannot edit this file.
>>> Where are the configuration files?? (VERY IMPORTANT)
>> I myself cant see anything different at xorg.conf , last week too i edited
the xorg.conf to add a possible screen resolution,when the auto detected
screen resolution wasn't good enough(to a laptop with widescreen or so)
(That too not studying everything about xorg.conf.. Just comparing a working
xorg.conf and that which dont work)

>>> * In some systems dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg exits without going in
>>> for the "Monitor Autodetection" part. In such systems dpkg-reconfigure
>>> -phigh xserver-xorg does no work at all.
>>  Its just about adding a line in xorg.conf If the auto detection didnt
work. Now the xserver-xorg dont have that part for monitor detection. It is
supposed to exit after the keyboard options. u can use a tool called xrandr
to tryout screen configurations on fly.. see xrandr manpage...

>>> * Cannot open "printer" from System tools (changed the place from
>>> Desktop/Preferences eh??). Nothing comes at all.
>>  I didnt get what is problem here. If its that the gui is not responding
for the mouse click, Just try opening it in a command line to see the error
messages and tackle it ...

>>> These are some that i remember. If they are insignificant just ignore
>>> them. If you want further details on any of these please to contact me.
>>> Hoping to see a grand release "ON-TIME" :)
>> Why are you soo sick about the release that too of debian?(People say hell
freezes faster than debian.. and at this later stage,i dont expect much
instability for lenny)  Lenny release has not even been scheduled yet!!!
here is what abortman says about lenny stability at #debian irc
<shyam_k> i had downloaded lenny weekly iso months before and now too it
runs  very smoothly. But my friends complain about the isos downloaded(Yeah
the weekly isos differ in stability right?) Is it now time to download the
isos expecting a good level of usability?
<abrotman> shyam_k: yes .. they differ in stability .. and they should work
       fairly well
<abrotman> at this point anyways

So Just keep in mind the hirerachy of things to do when you have a problem
with any GNU/Linux
1) Confirm that you have a problem.
2) Search the net in simple sentences about your problem. If its any program
or configuration file, include its name in the search
3) If the search didnt give you anything or if you cant write it in a way to
search out for results..(some problems may be like that..hard to express in
a searchable form.. also we may miss the required information just because
we didnt use the right keyword) ok then dash to IRC they are there to help
us and to help us...:)
I have the experience of getting very quick answers(with a max of 2mins
after asking..) for questions right on target..
I dont see any situation that you will be totally helpless after doing the
above things.. i.e You will be having atleast an idea of the problem and its
solution. Then think of making a bug report or whatever accordingly..

Now synaptic package manager is back on first cd. So I am downloading the
first cd.. I think we can start a wiki page on todo on download.
So that those lucky guys with broadband can get organised and take up each
in the download list and submit it to manu- Collector of MESCE.
Ok thts a major improvement that ill make it another mail!!;-)

Happy hacking
Shyam K

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