[gnulab-mesce] MESCE wants its students to be slaves?! :'(

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  • Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2008 06:12:27 +0530


As I am writing this, I am very sad that our college,which was a Model for
other colleges,with all its computers successfully running in gnu systems is
taking a looong step backward by initiating a campus programme with m$
Yesturday, cse block had the poster(without the sign from officials)
offering mail ids as yourname@xxxxxxxxxx with windows logos in it..
Now as i visit mesce.info, the slavery for us has just started..
It does the primary verification of slavery by requiring students to enter
their slavery id(windows live id) just to be signed in to the college site..

How nicely they says us to share and collaborate when they themselves sells
software which directly affects social solidarity!
This is  a very sad Move from the part of MESCE and we are starting a
*strong* campaign against this...
We are yet to have the information officially about the exact agreement
mesce has signed with m$, if its about a campus agreement as described in
the following link , http://www.microsoft.com/Education/CA3Overview.mspx
thats far too dangerous, other than the campus leading the students to be
slaves, it may require all our computers to be upgraded to something which
is used in graphics workstations and all..as it requires the packages to be
upgraded to vista and we see the official support for windows xp to be over
by next year..
I expect that they will play the most possible way to cover up the practical
inconveniences to make students recieve the slavery as they are ready to
give the first few doses of "drugs" for gratis.
So lets join together and let those evils be out of the campus as it was

Happy protesting
Shyam K

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