[gnulab-mesce] Re: Happy Software Freedom Day!

  • From: ck raju <ck.thrissur@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 20 Sep 2014 09:46:09 +0530

We are kicking off "Software Freedom Day" celebrations today with a Quiz
programme on *Free Software - Projects and People*. Time is 15:30h and
venue would be classrooms (of IT) on the Second Floor, C-Block.

Prizes include exquisite T-Shirts printed with Software Freedom messages,
sponsored by Zyxware Technologies, Thiruvananthapuram.  T-shirts are
high-quality pure-cotton Raymond material.

Since there are too many prizes (!!!), we would be extending the
celebrations by conducting more events in the coming week. Please pass on
the message.

CK Raju

On 20 September 2014 01:44, Zak Rogoff <info@xxxxxxx> wrote:

>           Dear CK,
> This Saturday, September 20th, people everywhere are getting together to
> celebrate free software. Install parties, encryption workshops, hackathons,
> you name it. Here in Massachusetts, FSF Web developer David Thompson is
> running a getting-started workshop
> <https://www.fsf.org/events/event-20140920-sfd-dave-thompson-f-droid> for
> F-Droid <https://f-droid.org/>, the free software app repository for
> devices running Android-based operating systems like Replicant
> <http://www.replicant.us/>.
> Wondering what to do for Software Freedom Day? Take a page out of Dave's
> book and *share your favorite free software application with a friend*.
> What better way to celebrate than exercising freedom 2 of free software's
> four freedoms <https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html> with your
> community? If you're on GNU Social or Pump.io or even Twitter, tell us
> (@FSF) which application you're sharing with the hashtag #SFD (see our
> thoughts about Twitter <https://www.fsf.org/twitter>).
> This is the eleventh year of Software Freedom Day, and people are holding
> events in almost 100 countries. Thanks, everyone involved for reminding us
> how active, creative and inspiring the free software movement is. However
> you choose to celebrate, have a great Software Freedom Day!
> Zak Rogoff
> Campaigns Manager
> *Read this post online at
> https://fsf.org/blogs/community/happy-software-freedom-day
> <https://fsf.org/blogs/community/happy-software-freedom-day>. Image license
> CC BY 3.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0> Jeff Lim and Maxus
> Media & Software Pte. Ltd. of Singapore and the SFD community.*
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CK Raju

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