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 Get It:


 Official Announcement:


 Press Release:


 Few words from the current Fedora Project Leader, Paul W. Frields:


 What's New?


 Some of the major changes include:

 * PackageKit - Distribution neutral package management framework
 * KDE 4, GNOME 2.22
 * Persistent Live USB support
 * Partition resizing and encryption support in the installer
 * Preupgrade option for in-place upgrade from previous releases
 * FreeIPA - Identity, Policy and Authentication integration for sysads
 * OpenJDK6, Sun Java under free and open source license
 * Ext4 support (experimental)
 * Firefox 3 (beta 5)
 * Linux kernel 2.6.25

 A couple of initial reviews:

 Fedora 9 - an OS that even the Linux challenged can love


 First impressions of Fedora 9 with KDE 4


 Have fun!


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