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This one seems to be on an ideal time for a big programme.. if we start
planning from now, we can easily do a good big programme on SFD That is on
Sep 20
IF all are interested we can register ASAP coz this is a really big
world-wide programme,so requires to register ASAP, if we want to have their

(sshh..I still have the kit for DFD with me(a flag and some goodies) )

Happy hacking
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Date: 2008/6/2
Subject: [ilug-tvm] Fwd: [SFD-announce] Registration is open for Software
Freedom Day 2008!
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Registration for SFD 2008 is open.  Are we planning something ?


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From: Pia Waugh <greebo@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, Jun 1, 2008 at 4:33 PM
Subject: [SFD-announce] Registration is open for Software Freedom Day 2008!
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Hi everyone,

SFD2008 is around the corner - Saturday 20 September - and team
registrations are now open! The first 300 teams registered before the 15th
July will receive a SFD team pack including SFD 2008 tshirts, button pins,
stickers and balloons, as well some useful resource CDs including some
OpenEducation Discs (http://www.theopendisc.com/education/), a resource DVD
with artwork, documentation, presentation templates and video material, and
the option for some Ubuntu CDs.

Additional T-shirts will also be available to purchase via our online store,
which will be open soon.

You can register by visiting our registration page but don't forget that you
need to make your team page (or update your old page) *before* registering.
There is more information about how to form a team and how to register on
the teams page on our wiki:


Check out who has already registered on our new interactive world map!


We wanted to change how people find teams so it was directly through the map
rather than by continent and then country due to your excellent feedback
last year, so teams can simply be softwarefreedomday.org/team rather than a
really long url. If you already have a team page you can create a new page
and shift all your data to the new page, or you can just link to your old
events from your new page. We will also be ensuring team packages are sent
much earlier this year so you get them on time. We had about 20 packages
returned to us last year from teams who put the incorrect address or didn't
pick up their packages so please ensure your address is 100% correct as we
can't check it! Also try to ensure your address on the map is the actual
address of your event so people can zoom in and go to it easily :)

Good luck with your SFD 2008 preparations, and don't forget to pass the
message around and get more teams involved! We had over 330 teams last year
and are anticipating over 500 this year!

Thank you all for helping take software freedom to the streets and make a
better world for everyone! After all, freedom isn't just for us geeks :)

Cheers and happy planning!
Pia and the SFI team

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