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From: Edward Terry <eterry@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, Jul 10, 2008 at 3:38 AM
Subject: [+PLUS] Seeking Open-Source Developer
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I'm looking for an entry-level programmer to work on a series of
projects on a full-time basis.  This will be a long-term engagement as
an independent contractor, lasting several years at a minimum, and
possibly much longer (if things go well).  Please be aware that you
would be an independent contractor; you would not be an employee.  You
would essentially be starting your own business as a consultant, if you
don't already have one.

I'm looking for someone who has finished school, does not have another
job, and can work on the projects full time.

The initial project will last several months.  If your performance is
satisfactory, then you will be offered additional projects.

I will be paying on a per-project basis, rather than hourly or monthly.
Large projects will be broken into sub-projects with clearly defined
deliverables.  Each sub-project will be designed to take about a month
of full-time work (160 hours) and will be worth $600 (U.S. dollars).
Thus, if you complete a sub-project each month, you will make $600 per
month.  Due to budget limitations, you will only be able to complete one
sub-project per month.  As a result, I'm looking for an entry-level
programmer who plans to live in an area with a low cost of living.

I'm in the process of starting two businesses, one assembling and
selling Linux-based computers to small resellers, and one to develop an
educational simulation game targeting the home-school market.  Some
projects will be related to improving the usability of open-source
software that will be bundled with the computers I sell, and others will
be related to simulation game development.

The first few projects will involve Project Angela
(http://www.projectangela.org), OssimPlanet
(http://www.ossim.org/OSSIM/ossimPlanet.html) and Delta3D

The following are required:

-Fluency in English.
-Reliable broadband Internet access.
-Ability to work without supervision.
-Skill in C++.

Experience with OssimPlanet
(http://www.ossim.org/OSSIM/ossimPlanet.html), Delta3D
(http://www.delta3d.org), and Ubuntu Linux (http://www.ubuntu.com) would
be helpful but is not required if you're willing to familiarize yourself
with them on your own time.  Experience contributing to an open-source
project would also be very helpful but is not required.

Skill in GIS
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geographic_information_system) and 3D
graphics will be needed for work on OssimPlanet.  You do not have to
have skill or experience with either GIS or 3D graphics currently, but
you do need to be interested in both subjects, and willing and able to
master them on your own time.

Please email me if you would like more information.

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