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Free Runner is the first consumer smart phone with freedom in it.  openmoko
releases the consumer version  after releasing a couple of developer
phone(it was "neo" back then)
Gec thrissur have a student with dev version of openmoko. and pramode sir
too have it (pramode.net) see his blogpost about that
http://pramode.net/2007/10/20/the-magic-box/ .it was purely dev versions
with battery backup for just 3hrs and charging time upto12hrs and sreeraj
@gec thrissur who too have this phone, hardly made a call with it!!as the
softwares were not much at that point
Now the game is different this is FreeRunner a consumer phone.,with just
How this is different from other phones?
1) freedom
see http://lists.openmoko.org/pipermail/announce/2007-January/000000.html a
mail @ openmoko-announce titled "Free Your Phone"
2)just see this piece of talk between the consumer and company rep:
Michael <simarillion>: can somebody tell me if I will lose my warranty when
I open my Freerunner.
Sean Moss-Pultz <sean@xxxxxxxxxxxx>: [...] Do you really think we could get
away with that kind of policy?! This is Openmoko. If you *don't* open your
Neo, you should probably have your warranty voided ;-)
I took it from the blog here

i am thinking of giving it a try.,.its available inside india itself..see
Any one who wish to have freedom in their mobile phone(ops but for the
hardcore guys..even the concept of mobile phone is non-freedom as the big
brother can always chase you.. it emits signals even if its off..)
can have it.
FInally see the home of freerunner at openmoko.com

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Happy Hacking
Shyam K

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