[gnukhata-users] Re: Offline Installer Not working on Linux Mint 18 (was Re: Issue with GNUKhata Offline Installer on Linux Mint 17.3)

  • From: Krishnakant <krmane@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: gnukhata-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2016 17:40:44 +0530

here's the latest update.

Online instaler installer works fine.

Abhijeet is working on the offline one and will upload the same.

Those who have already used the offline installer can actually use the online installer because most of the dependencies are already taken care off.

If however you have uninstalled the previous stuff then it's a different story.

happy hacking.


On Wednesday 23 November 2016 02:00 PM, Krishnakant wrote:

yes, we are correcting the online installer in just a couple of hours.

Online installer any ways did not have a problem but we are adding same fixes to it never the less, just to be save.

Happy hacking.


On Wednesday 23 November 2016 01:37 PM, Ramnarayan.K wrote:
So does the issue exist in the online installer as well, or does that work differently

Asking in case the offline installer takes another two days to resolve I would like to go ahead with the online one


On 23 November 2016 at 13:34, Krishnakant <krmane@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:krmane@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    Thank you ram.

    Abhijeet, Ishan and Navin our core team members are looking into it,

    I am sorry for all the issues faced.

    Basically when creating a platform independent installer some
    times such things come across, but it's just a bubble and we
    expect to have perfected the installer in a day or two.

    As is with the case of version 3, this installer too will become
    stable in a day or two.

    That's the reason why we have not yet removed the download links
    for the old stable 3.0 version.

    happy hacking.


    On Wednesday 23 November 2016 12:56 PM, Ramnarayan.K wrote:
    So I ran the uninstall programme - with a pre-cursor to running
    an online install the output was

    X220 ~/Linux/Accounting_software/Gnukhata/GNUKhataUninstaller $
    Uninstalling GNUKhata...
    [sudo] password for ram:
    sudo: docker: command not found
    sudo: docker: command not found
    sudo: docker: command not found
    sudo: docker: command not found
    sudo: docker: command not found
    GNUKhata has been uninstalled!

    Results of finding the docker
    ThinkPad-X220 ~ $ sudo docker ps -a
    [sudo] password for ram:
    sudo: docker: command not found

    Seems again the issue is docker or the lack of ?


    On 23 November 2016 at 11:12, abhijith
    <mailto:abhijithb21@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

        We will be trying a few more tests today and will reply to
        this thread as soon as possible. I wonder why it did not
        work on 18. I have it running on 18 here. Can you run "sudo
        docker ps -a" and reply with results?

        On Wednesday 23 November 2016 10:57 AM, Ramnarayan.K wrote:
        Thanks Abhijith

        Just tried installating from the offline installer on Linux
        Mint 18

        this is the result

        $ ./install.sh
        Gtk-Message: GtkDialog mapped without a transient parent.
        This is discouraged.
        ./install.sh: 33: ./install.sh: gnome-terminal: not found

        After that i installed gnome-terminal and the software has
        but on running the gnukhata from the menu I get localhost
        not found ?

        I don't have the bandwidth to do an online install - it
        took pretty much the whole night for the offline installer
        to download :-(

        If some solutions appear fine, other wise will try an
        online install tonight

        However I suppose I would have to first uninstall the
        existing 3.5 version


        On 23 November 2016 at 09:40, abhijith
        <mailto:abhijithb21@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

            Dear all,

            I noticed the new offline installer(version 3.5) id not
            working properly
            on Linux Mint 17.3. I request all users not to install
            on Mint 17.3
            using the new installer. Online installer worked fine.
            Please reply if
            anyone has already installed it successfully.

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