[gmpi] Re: the name GMPI

  • From: Kord F Taylor <syntropique@xxxxxxx>
  • To: <gmpi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 01 Dec 2003 10:03:34 -0800

Hey All,

> My two cents:
> Folks seem to like SMPL.  SMPL might be attractive to the developer who has
> to write the code to support the API...  :)  but I think that to the
> consumer, SMPL = basic, not professional.
> -=A

Wow! Do I ever agree. There are a lot of kinda scary names whipping by on
the list (sorry, gotta be honest). I agree that sometimes names with
negative and amusing connotations can be fun. But YIKES! Please make it more
obvious if the message is on the gag-name side for efficient mail browsing

I know I am a newbie to the list, but as a marketing-type I would support
the notion of choosing something that sounds *totally* positive and

You may want to look at conventions of other successful multiplatform
standards groups for an "associative positive branding opportunity", ala
XML, OpenGL, etc... Unfortunately OpenAL is taken.

I would also suggest the obvious point that after a list is generated that
it is run by a focus group/example users for final evaluation since it's not
about my views but the perception of others.  The old "give 'em a list and
ask what the name means to them" bit. Always quite revealing and fun. While
there you can always float useage models.

So far my favorite is probably:

> AXIS - Audio eXtension Interface System

Actually quite a nice name and appealing to Hendrix fans. Of course we could
call it "DirectTime" OR "QuickX" (*hee hee*) :^).


Kord Taylor
*NEW* cell number: 253.224.3807

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