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  • Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 00:30:01 +0100

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On Tuesday 11 February 2003 23.23, Urs Heckmann wrote:
> However, I think at this time we should discuss criteria. If an
> existing "standard" meets those, it should be a base for GMPI.
> (where I currently vote for AU, but that's not the question now...)

Well, XAP is just a few steps ahead of GMPI in it's evolution. It's=20
not a finalized API, but we're not very far from having an actual=20
prototype host and plugins running. Point being that whatever is=20
discussed here will probably affect XAP to great extent.

Anyway, both LADSPA and XAP exist basically just because there was no=20
alternative at the time we started discussing plugin APIs on=20
linux-audio-dev. We looked at existing APIs, but were not able to=20
adapt anything existing, usually because of license conflicts. (You=20
can't use an API header that isn't freely redistributable with code=20
that *must* be freely redistributable.) Nor was there an effort like=20
GMPI to support, so we just had to roll our own - or have no plugin=20
API at all.

I think I speak for the whole XAP team when I say that we are highly=20
motivated in creating an advanced plugin API, and that we're not all=20
that interested in creating another unofficial "standard" on our own.=20
We see no reason in keeping and finishing XAP as our own, if it can=20
come to better use as a base for GMPI.

Though the linux-audio-dev folks probably know me as "the guy who=20
thinks he knows everything" ;-), I believe it would be arrogant and=20
outright stupid of us not to take the chance of working on this=20
together with the very elite of the music software industry.

That said, we have concentrated many man years of experience and=20
thinking into XAP, and it would be a big waste to just ditch it when=20
it's basically in alpha. (There's one in-process API, one=20
out-of-process API and a few unfinished or dead APIs behind XAP.=20
We're not *complete* beginners. :-) If you will, think of XAP as=20
"live documentation" of what we've figured out so far.

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