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> >>>
> if we are talking about FX plug-in.
> i'm more than convinced that we have to fixe the data format (e.g. float32
> is perfect ) one time and for ever. (we have to manage the samplerate ,
> number of input and output ! it's enough ! )
> <<<
> But I think we are talking about more than just FX plugins.  We are
> audio components of all kinds, including mixers, tees, sources, sinks,

GMPI can be composed by several specific SDK 2 or 3 divisions should be

> Even if we *are* talking about FX plugins, and we consider a component in
> modular synth such a thing, then float32 isn't good enough.

We have already discussed about that,
- the float32 is enough accurate for signal representation.
- this not forbids to use float64 parameters for computation.
- this is compatible with all host and recent DSP.
- 64bits float take 2 times more resources (CPU, BUS CACHE)
- if there is a sound difference between 32float or 64bit float processing
this is mainly due to the parameters (and to be precise it's due to a better
translation between the public parameters - e.g; Fr, G, Q - and the private
parameters used by algorithm, it's not a real proble m of computation
precision but a problem of distorsion between two result of parameters
translation) but not due to the representation of the signal.

Vincent Burel

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