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> > how the effect can set the IsZero Flag according the diversity and
> > complexity of different algorithm.
> I don't understand the question.  I apologize.  To me it seems that you
> pandering and asking (what you think) is a loaded question.  It seems that
> you expect me to say "gosh, I don't know!  You must be right, it's too
> complex".

oh oh oh you speculate on my question and person, and you seem to know what
i expect from you. I don't know why you are talking Tim !? :-) i think we
should communicate together by telepathy ! :-) this will save some time to
everybody :-).

> SILENT (IsZero) buffers happen because a plugin did nothing, or produced
> nothing.  If it is too hard for your plugin to know what silence is, then
> just DON'T worry about it.  If it is easy (gain = 0.0), then go for it.

hope that sentence will be written in the GMPI spec book ! :-)

Vincent Burel

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