[gmpi] Re: Topic 2: Plugin flavors

  • From: Paul Davis <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: gmpi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 10:13:22 -0500

>Paul Davis wrote :
>> >How about interfacing to controllers? I don't remember that being discussed
>> the interfacing is presumably done by the host.
>My opinion, too.

actually, i have to retract that slightly. it would certainly
be the host that handles interfacing with the controller, converting
whatever protocol the controller uses (MIDI, OSC, whatever) into
parameter changes.

the problem is that the plugin may need to initiate binding the
controller and a plugin parameter. whatever the user-visible method
for this is, the plugin will at some point need some way to initiate
the process with the host.

i think i agree that we don't have anything in the agenda to cover
this, but it should presumably be added, perhaps to :

  4.      Host interface
  In-process or out-of-process?  What kinds of special needs are there in
  events to/from a plugin?  Is the host a plugin too?  Can the host be a chain
  of simpler plugins (sequencer, timeline, automation)?  Transport control, UI
  updates, track information?

not sure of reasonable wording for the addition, though.


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