[gmpi] Re: Topic 2: Plugin flavors

  • From: "Silver Blade" <silverblade_uk@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 2 Mar 2003 01:06:36 -0000

> >With the danger of repeating myself (and others), I'd say:
> >- Music I/O (interfaces to different types of technology - eg:
> >- Audio I/O (same as above, but for audio - eg: ASIO)
> it is true that we have not really decided whether or not "I/O" in the
> most general sense should be possible via plugins. i personally do not
> have much of an opinion about it, other than to note that i think it
> will be rather hard to implement efficiently as part of a generic
> plugin scheme. handling full-duplex I/O from a plugin that is called
> only once per graph iteration is a bit tricky.

Personally, I think it'd be a good thing to include - even if it were added
at a later date. I mean, it'll probably be "do-able" without having to
change whatever is already in place, other than to just extend the list of
plug-in / component types.

If you think of it analogous to programs which have different boxes, which
have ins and outs, and you link together... It makes sense to have an audio
input and an audio output. Same with music devices. It seems to fit in.

True, it is somewhat unrelated, in the sense that devices aren't plug-ins
(and the method of using them is fundamentally different too), but if you
think about it, any sort of driver specification/API could be considered as
a form of plug-in.

> >- Virtual instruments (VST, ReWire?? ...)
> >- Audio effects
> >- Music effects?
> >- Visualization
> >- Sample (part/segment) editors (could also have a program to run these
> >stand-alone?)
> >- Music (part/segment) editors
> these are all handled by what has been written already. we don't care
> what a plugin does in its GUI. editing is just one example of
> something that the "non-audio" thread might make possible. all we care
> about is what the inputs and outputs are.

True. But I was thinking along the lines of being able to "integrate" your
favourite sample editors into another audio program. Instead of opening a
separate program to do sample editing, save sample, re-load in the other
program, etc. you could just have your favourite sample editor ready to be
used from a right-click for example. Then the sample in the host app could
be updated as the sample in the sample editor is updated.

Again, it's slightly off-topic, but maybe it'd make a useful addition? If
not, as a separate project?


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