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> > 3. What are the target "form factors" for GMPI plugins?
> >
> > - On the same platform as the application
> > - On dedicated (DSP) hardware with a software interface to the host
> -- are we interested in possible networked plugins? or is the general
> feeling that by the time GMPI is adopted, CPUs will be so fast that this
> is irrelevant ((it's already close... Steinberg's System Link does not
> seem to have had all that wide an adoption, implying it's not an important
> requirement for most people NOW, and will decline in importance with time

One possibility here of course is that as WAN networks speed up,
co-operation at a distance could suddenly become important.  This isn't
effected by the speed of the CPU.  The problem here is that we do not know
what network speeds into studios (professional or home) will be likely in
GMPI's timescale.  I believe however there are already providers taking
about Mbytes into the home ?

I think it would be a mistake to say however that the importance of
networked plugins will vanish, it may well decline in the near future but I
suspect it will be lurking there ready to bite in the future.

Andy C

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