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> The current goal is to choose the audience first, then debate features.
> It's hard to do this without making the obvious extrapolations from
> audience to target architecture to feature requirements. For example,
> external box developers -> fixed point DSP -> support for integer data
> types. I agree that a dynamically negotiated approach will tend to be far
> more inclusive of various target audiences, yet it may end up getting
> complicated too, like DirectX, and this in itself may lose an audience
> prefers something really simple.

people who needs a simple approach don't need GMPI and didn't wait us ! :-)

- Create
- Destroy
- Reset
- SetAudioFormat
- Process
- OpenDialogBox

End of discussion ! :-)

Now if when i talk about negociation , you think Direct -X , there is a
problem . I'm not big supporter of Direct-X even if i know very well this
crap made by a sick guy (sorry for the sick guy) but negociating can be
resumed to one function just to ask for an audio format, for getting the
processing function address , for getting a link to a GUI for getting any
information we will or would need...

Well, if you absolutely want to talk about the target and audience , it's
ok. But people who want a fixed point or 64 bits float calculation is not a
target for me , it's a detail of implementation.

Vincent Burel.

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