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> > targeting the GMPI concept makes no sens in my opinion. The first thing
> > programmers and industries needs is firstly
> > - an architecture and organization defining a plug-in.
> > - a communication protocole to get /set information about the plug-in,
> > behavior and its abilities.
> Agreed. As long as the sample format is negotiable then It's the
> architecture that is the useful thing, not the format.

All is negotiable per definition since we are talking about communication
The problem is not to know first if we process float 32bits or integer 16
bits. The problem is first to define the communication protocol which will
help the host to implement this plug-in and the third part to program it .

anyway, there is two solutions to solve the GMPI concept, or we begin by the
low level programming layer (minimal kernel architecture, structure etc...),
or we start by the highest one : how i talk to the plug-in and how i make a
link between Plug-in features and skills with the differents data types
(audio, Midi, GUI , context, extra datas etc...)

After , the "what" will be exactly in the GMPI architecture will depends on
the target . Is there a function to process directly 32bits float or not ?
is there a function address or a binary in resource or a file somewhere
targeted to a specific processor ? is there a way to process 192 KHz 7:1 ?
etc... etc... are not question for us, but question for plug-in !

Vincent Burel

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