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> >>>
> 1) Native DAW (Windows, Mac, LINUX)
> 2) DAW + DSP (e.g., UAD-1, PowerCore, ProTools TDM)
> 3) External DSP box (e.g., Plugzilla, Chameleon, firewire I/O boxes with
> DSPs)
> 5) Handheld devices
> <<<
> With OS's like Pocket PC, a handheld device looks more like a native DAW
> except it has "interesting" processor requirements.  So I think we should
> keep those kinds of systems in mind, maybe more than gaming consoles.
> So, 1, 2, 3 and 5, anybody?

targeting the GMPI concept makes no sens in my opinion. The first thing
programmers and industries needs is firstly
- an architecture and organization defining a plug-in.
- a communication protocole to get /set information about the plug-in, its
behavior and its abilities.

we just have to design such a thing, and that we will allow or not, after
debat , will give you a first idea of the host target. then we could be able
to have a discussion about DAW+DSP or not, console or not, PDA or not,
hardware or not etc... because at this step we will exactly know what does
it mean precisely and we will be able to really reply to the question.

Today we cannot reply to these target questions simply because we don't know
what will be the consequences. So Please let's try to reply to the questions
we are able to , and let's begin as quick as possible to design something ,
the problems and discussion will follow.

just some thoughts to try to propose a productive method  !
Vincent Burel

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