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> What kinds of plugins do people use today, and what will
> they want to use in the future?

>>- Generic sources/sinks (disk writers, wrapper for audio
>>and MIDI ports, etc)

This is a good point. Plugins are potentially more than data transforms.
They can be sources or sinks (aka renderers). For example a style generation
plugin might be a source.
We should eveluate this within the scope of GMPI.

>>I think everyone would agree with real-time processing support. 
>> But should we make the API capable of off-line processing (sampling rate
>>different time scale for in/out, non-linear access to source), just like
the off-line part of VST ? 
>>IMHO both keep a lot of common features but are quite different in the
>>Mixing them seems dangerous, and probably confusing for the end- user. Two
sub-APIs ? How ?

We need to be careful about classifying plugins as real time or offline. 
A plugin that is not real time due to today's cpu limitations might very
well be real time tomorrow.
Of course something that requires non-linear access to source as you point
out is a different case.
The model shouldn't dictate the host implementation as far as possible.


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