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> 5. What kinds of plugins do people use today ?

free plug-ins. ! :-)

> and what will they want to use in the future?

plug-in delivered with host for free ! :-)

ho ! we forgot a very important question :
5 bis : what kind of colors people will like in the future for surface
plug-in !?

no kidding ! at this speed we will still talk about the point 6 of the
planning in december 2004.
if we do the thing so slowly, maybe we have to consider that 90% of current
audio industry will have desappear before 2010 ! so we can also ask for the
simple following question :

what kind of host will be on the market after 2010 !? :-)
this will help us more to define the GMPI target ! :-)

sorry for my humour, but cannot resist.
Vincent Burel

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