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  • Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 21:17:41 -0500

Sorry if I sound harsh, but this issue is very important to me with 
respect to plugin API design, and since I heard only support and no 
resistance to my prior suggestions and concerns, I'm really baffled as to 
why they've been ignored.

This wasn't intentional, and I apologize for not rewriting that section more

How does this sound?

5. What kinds of plugins do people use today, and what will they want to use
in the future?

Plugins that produce and/or consume musical data and/or control data and/or
digital audio data.  In the most general case a plugin can have arbitrary
numbers of incoming and outgoing music/audio/control data connections,
including no connections at all.

Some examples of contemporary plugin input/output connections include, but
are not restricted to:

Audio-in, Audio-out :  Effects that replace traditional outboard gear in a
studio), such as delays, reverbs, chorus, flanger, compressor, eq, pitch
shifter, etc.

Music-in, Audio-out:  MIDI synthesizers.

Music-in, Music-out:  Quantizers, transposers, style generators.

Audio-in, Music-out:  Pitch to audio converers, pitch detectors, envelope

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