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> On Fri, 21 Feb 2003, Steve Harris wrote:
> > But its not actually neccesary to do anything particular in GMPI to
> allow
> > network connections, just dont preclude it. The hosts and higher level
> > protocols will be able to deal with it.
> IMHO, to do network connection WELL, you need to have a clean separation
> between DSP and GUI, with a DSP<->GUI transport mediated by the host.
> That's the most obvious example, and one that's sure to be fought over
> during GMPI design because of the extra coding overhead involved.

You are of course correct here, and  the point 3B (below) in Ron's current
list would fall into the same category.  Since the 3B says nothing about the
connection between DSP and host one could assume that it could be a network

"3. What are the target "form factors" for GMPI plugins?

A: On the same platform as the application
B: On dedicated (DSP) hardware with a software interface to the host".

Andy C

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