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  • Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2004 12:18:04 -0800

Like Ron said, whether this would work depends on how you conceive of tempo and meter information flow. It could be done as a tempo control and a time sig control in a plug, as a stream of clock messages, as a stream of position messages, or as info delivered with each process() call. Or all of the above. Suggest we need to pick one model as a working assumption and consider use cases like this against it to see whether it works.

-- Chris G.

> 3. How bad would it be to say that musical clocking goes away when
 you press stop?  (I'm asking, not trying to be snide.)  Changing time
 signature and tempo while stopped is kind of an odd concept, as the
 conductor's baton is no longer moving...

Thinking of a plug-in that plays a drum loop in sync with the song, when the transport is running the drum loop should line up with the bars and beats, but when the transport is not running and the user wants to audition the drum loop, it still needs to know the tempo and time signature, but the loop should probably start immediately from beat 1, not line up with a "still running in the background" musical clock.


Tempo and time signature need to exist when the transport is not
running, and plug-ins need to know about changes.

I don't care if musical time stops or keeps running after the
user presses [stop] so long as the plug-in knows if the transport
is running or not, so it can choose to ignore musical time when


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