[gmpi] Re: Reqs 3.9. Time - opening arguments

  • From: Paul Davis <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 02 Feb 2004 15:53:05 -0500

>What if we add something like this, wrt timeline and control scope:
>Sample time: Sample time is assumed to be global to a graph.  If a host
>desires to provide multiple sample rates, it can provide multiple graphs and
>bridge between them.  Each graph has at least one timeline controller.
>Music time: Music time is defined by the timeline controller.  The timeline

a broader attempt:

Music time: Music time is a division of any interval of time into 1 or
units that are of semantic significance when performing (or composing)
a piece of music. Examples would be the bar(measure)/beat divisions
used in the western tradition, the beat counts used to define talas in
the indian classical traditions and so forth.

GMPI must define 1 or more units for this division, as well as
metadata on how to interpret a given position along the timeline when
specified in these units. For example, to interpret a musical time
given in units of bars+beats, it is necessary to know the number of
beats per unit time (eg. beats-per-minute), commonly known as
"tempo", along with changes in the tempo since the timeline origin.

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