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Jeff McClintock wrote:

Cleanly separating GUI and Audio code is a natural consequence of good design. If good design to you is "completely useless", stick with VST, you won't be dissapointed.

This is true... but sending all GUI<->Audio communication through a single central switchboard strikes me as somewhat restrictive.

Thinking of big and complex plug-ins... yes, if we want, we can have the host mediate everything, but it gains us relatively little - most users will not actually be able to work with the automation data that's generated, as it'll be too complicated for them to understand. On top of that, both our GUI and Audio code may become significantly more complex, and will have to have extra bulletproofing because all of a sudden the user is given the ability to generate junk data on any of our communications pipes :-/

That said, maybe GMPI is best focused on getting logically simple plug-ins to work well, and JACK (or something like it) is a better way to integrate behemoths such as DR-008 or Kontakt.


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