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  • From: "Didier Dambrin" <didid@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2005 01:16:13 +0100

Didier, One of the reason we don't support FruityLoops in our plugins is just that: vst cannot permit to have timestamped automation, so FL calls us with ridiculous amounts of audio samples to process (like 7, 12 samples...) and this kills all our internal optimisations, so it's not

FL still mixes using a constant PPQ (so, variable buffer size) because it has 'internal controllers' (which you could call CV).

In no way you can have a host processing in big chunks (and anyway, talking about getting the smallest latency, and at the same time complaining that too small buffers kill processing optimizations IS ridiculous), and at the same time have an audio-to-CV on one side controlling plugins on another side if the processing chunks are too big (unless there's some latency added, but in this case the CV wouldn't control anything in the same mixer slot).

See it this way, it's like getting timestamped events, except that it's the host that slices the processing for you, and sends the events in-between. And no, personally I don't believe in that host-controlled ramping bs.

as simple as "just send a command". I'm all in favor of GMPI being a

yes, it's as simple as 'send a command with a timestamp'

mediation interface in between the host and the plugin, not just a thin layer with stubs to callbacks. Only that would smoothen the communication in between hosts and plugins.

what's unsmooth in a callback exactly?

for ex, my 'audio to CV' plugin can be set to get its CV out recorded in an automation track. The resulting track is *exactly* the output of the CV.


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