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  • Date: Fri, 04 Feb 2005 10:39:28 +0100

Didier, One of the reason we don't support FruityLoops in our plugins is just that: vst cannot permit to have timestamped automation, so FL calls us with ridiculous amounts of audio samples to process (like 7, 12 samples...) and this kills all our internal optimisations, so it's not as simple as "just send a command". I'm all in favor of GMPI being a mediation interface in between the host and the plugin, not just a thin layer with stubs to callbacks. Only that would smoothen the communication in between hosts and plugins.


Didier Dambrin wrote:

automation in VST is quite simple, when you want your UI tweak to be automated by the host, you just send a command. I see no headache here.

You're not gonna let the host automate every single message the plugin needs to send to its processing anyway, most won't even be automatable things.

yes you can. The simple fact that the UI & processing are in separated *threads* means that a dual CPU system will spread both CPU's on timeslices of both threads at the same time. Under windows that is.

I think that you are missing another very very important aspect of having the GUI communicate with the DSP through the host. It gives the host the ability to record the entire communication between the GUI and the DSP, with the opportunity to then display that in some sort of editable form for the user. The fact that a lot of VST plugins GUI-DSP links are completely invisible to the host means that the automation capabilities of VST plugins are all over the map, and a major headache for host developers.

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Sebastien Metrot
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