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  • From: Paul Davis <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2005 21:32:55 -0500

>Let's say your plugin has a window, so a window handle. You probably want 
>this under Windows, because you'd prefer the plugin to get his own 
>kb/mouse/whatever management (instead of sending it dumb mouse message in a 
>very non-windows compliant way like VST & the quite bad VSTGUI a lot of 
>people unfortunately use).
>So you need to rely on window handles, and I can't imagine, since it's all 
>message-based, attaching a window from another process into yours. In fact, 
>I can only think of bad things with UI in another process.

from my limited understanding, the only requirement win32 makes is
that the event handling for a given window be done in the thread from
which the window was created. this doesn't conflict with
reparenting. i may be wrong - i don't claim to know anything about
win32, and what i do know has come from implementing binary vst/win32
plugin support for linux.

>So you're a mac programmer, right? I was suspecting this from the 
>propellerheads as well with their bad ReWire design. Really you should 

I am a linux programmer whose software has been ported to OSX with
almost no changes. I also wrote JACK (with help from a talented pool
of people), which was ported to OSX by Stephane Letz, and now provides
the most power inter-application audio routing solutions for OSX (much
more flexible than ReWire, for example).


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