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It is important first of all to clarify what is the representation of
musical signals and music performance control signals=2E Current protocols=

have serious problems caused by inadequate representation (inadequate
sample size, inadequate pitch resolution, inadequate control resolution,
convoluted semantics for control)=2E

Representation should be essentially mathematical and as abstract as
possible, which avoids limitations and simplifies translations and
processing=2E After that, representation should be efficient, and then it
should be easy for programmers to use=2E Finally, it should be extensible =
that extensions can be developed by proprietary developers and then
optionally be incorporated in the standard=2E

Without at first specifying the space of representation, the data to be
represented should include at least:

PCM audio streams
Performance control messages (MIDI, OSC)
Time/frequency analysis frames (SDIF, WAVEFORMATEXT)
Preset data in parameter value form
Preset data in serialized form
GUI get/set messages
Host capabilities
Plugin capabilities

In general, these requirements should be boiled down to the simplest
possible representation in which data is sent via function calls or
callbacks, and parameters are elementary types such real numbers, ids,
strings, or vectors of them; parsing should not be required or, at least,
be minimized=2E

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