[gmpi] Re: +++ RESET +++ (was RE: a little order?)

  • From: Tim Hockin <thockin@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: gmpi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 23:07:39 -0800 (PST)

> 1.  Cross-platform

cross-platform DSP vs cross-platorm GUI

> 2.  Kinds of plugins we seek to build

controllers - designed to control other knobs (LFP, envelope, peak-follower)

> 3.  Interface to hosts

sources and sinks should certainly be able to be plugins.
hinted audio ports and controls - to make automatic connections easier

> 4.  Audio packaging
> c. Buffers allocated by the plugin at defined points in object lifetime

Buffers allocated by host, perhaps, rather than plugin

> 6.  Parameter representation
> a. One assumed data type, defined at compile time per CPU/OS

support for enumerated controls, boolean controls
possible support for strings (hinted - e.g. is it a filename?)

> c. Parameter names in Unicode

UTF8 - single-byte streams.

How much localization should be done in the plugins?  Gettext() or similar 
is cleaner

> 8.  Threading
> a. Thread management is up to the host
> b. Plugin API should have no O/S dependent synchronization primitives

host should provide simple threading support - plugin can run background
tasks, possibly with a priority (1-10?)

> 10.  The role of MIDI
> a. MIDI should be an event type
> b. SysEx challenge: events with buffers
> c. Support multitimbral software synths

we should leave MIDI out except as to note how to make it compatible.

> 13.  Copy protection
> a. Leave it to the plugin, but provide guidelines
> b. Plugins need to be aware of DRM in the streams they process

bare minimum support

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