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> > d. How to support all targeted platforms? Or how to reduce
> >    the amount of support necessary?
> >
> > (Windows four+ CPU architectures; x86, x86-64, IA64, XScale,
> >  Mac adds another one; PPC,
> >  Linux and BSD are available on all and more...
> >
> > The answer can range from simple - with source,
> >  via (Java / C#) bytecode, application (not OS) specific library format,
> >  to the common answer; support only Windows XP on x86... )
> I don't think we can reasonably expect a plugin to be binary compatible
> across systems.

that's sure .
the best way is to define in "C" the primary software interface for DSP part
, and after GUI part , define that will be standart struct and standart
protocole and standart abilities and standart methods.

After the programmer will do what he wants : staying in C or going to C++,
Java , VB, ASM...

Vincent Burel

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