[gmpi] Re: Parameters / controls / GMPI event system - refreshment

  • From: "Koen Tanghe" <koen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2005 00:30:16 +0100

On Monday, December 05, 2005 5:17 PM [GMT+1=CET],
thockin@xxxxxxxxxx <xxxthockin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> (how did we get on this topic?  I'm still thinking about plugin structural
> enumeration :)

(sorry, didn't manage to follow the list for a while... just catched up)

Well, we ended up here because I asked a question about "parameters" and
"event inputs" etc, and then Chris reacted to an example you made that
contained voice IDs and then from one thing came another and we had this
very interesting discussion :-)

Now, on the subject, and FWIW:

I agree with the VPID (instead of VVID) remark.
I'm used to thinking about "musical objects" that are brought into life, are
influenced during their lifetime and then die, but "process" seems very
appropriate and more general.

About the "VPID at sender side + real voice allocation at plugin side" idea:
from all that I read, I fully agree that this seems the right way to go,
indeed. Completely avoids the round-trip problem in my very simple system.

About the issue of either having a clear separation between the VPID and the
real voice ID, or not: I seem to agree with Tim here. I don't think I saw a
good and clear example of where an implied relation between both might be

About reusing (or not) VPIDs: only reuse on wrap around should be fine, but
it creates an boundary case, so maybe it shouldn't be made explicit. For
special things like the guitar thingie, I believe sending along
metadata/attributes (for a "channel/string number") seems to be clear and
will work.


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