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  • From: Jeff McClintock <jeffmcc@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 02 Dec 2005 02:16:36 +1300

Hi Tim,
Please excuse my abbreviating your post...

But how many VVIDs can the synth handle before choking?

... When the synth can't handle any more voices, it does what it needs to do. The host can keep talking to defunct VVIDs, and the plugin will ignore them.

Do different synths have different max-VVID limits?

nope, the synth can drop VVIDs internally. If you ask a synth for 10,000 VVIDs, it can just drop the LRU VVIDs and ignore messages for them.

You should be able to use a new VVID for every note the user
sequences.  With 2^32 or 2^31 VVIDs per channel, you should never have to
wrap in a sequence.  That doesn't exuse us from solving the wrap problem,

Take for example Beethoven's Fifth, approx 64,000 notes.

Your scheme sends 64,000 different VVIDs to the synth.
The synth attempts to track as many VVIDs as possible but 'drops' (loses track of) an unspecified number.
The host is unsure exactly how many VVIDs are being tracked accurately.
The synth requires storage for parameters on several thousand VVIDs?.

My scheme allocates one VVID per key. Maximum 88 total for the entire performance. The synth perfectly retains the state of all controllers on all VVIDs though to the score end. No information is dropped.

But what about more demanding material?
Even a micro-tuned performance on a simulated 900 key keyboard has better playback under my simpler system, because the Synth has less total VVIDs to keep track of.

Still, it's an interesting discussion. I think we still agree on 90% of this. It's only the VVID assignment scheme we differ on. It will be fun trying everyone's ideas on the prototype.

Best Regards,

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