[gmpi] Re: Parameters / controls / GMPI event system - refreshment

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  • Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2005 13:08:22 -0800

On Fri, Nov 25, 2005 at 08:49:17AM +1300, Jeff McClintock wrote:
> 1- Parameters.  These appear on the User Interface.  The equivalent of 
> the knobs on the front of your Mini-Moog.  These are saved/restored when 
> you switch patch or save/load a bank of presets.
> 2- Control Signal pins.  These are for sending control signals between 
> Plugins.  Imagine you have a external "Filter Amount" socket on the rear 
> of your Mini-Moog.  You connect this to other devices (plugins) to 
> modify the sound as part of your performance.  This is not stateful.
> So, "events" are a delivery mechanism.  What do they deliver? "Parameter 
> Updates" and "Control Signal Updates".  As far as coding goes, the two 
> types of events should look the same, it's just the purpose that differs.

So I think we should simplify this and just say that they are the same.
We've already established the idea of hidden/visible flags and
stateful/non-stateful flags on parameters.

> What was *very* contentions, was that I suggested MIDI note data could 
> be treated the same.  i.e. upon receipt of a MIDI note on, the host 
> would update my "Note-Pitch" and "Note Velocity" parameters etc, thereby 
> relieving my plugin of that chore (parsing MIDI data).
>   This is NOT going to happen.  Note data will be a special case.  It 
> will be a carefully wrapped MIDI event.  By carefully-wrapped, I mean 
> the event will retain all semantics of the original MIDI, and be 
> convertible back to raw MIDI.
> see..
> http://www.gmpi-plugins.org/gmpi/gmpi_common_event_coding_proposal.txt

Remember that this is just one proposal (a well done one).  What this
proposal establishes is that we can take MIDI data as input, turn it into
<something else> and keep people happy with the level of compatibility.

This means that the proposal could well be the basis for ALL gmpi control
messages, or that some other solution could be the basis for control
messages AND MIDI.  In fact, don't think of MIDI as any different.  It
came from a different place, but it isn't fundamentally any different than
any other control IO.


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