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  • Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 19:36:36 +0100

I forgot a thing. Since topic 1 seems have covered also topic 2 ( Plugin
Audio and/or MIDI processors, sure, but what about driver plugins,
controllers, visuaulization plugins? ),
i think is the time to deal with what are all these musical data types
to/from plugin before we continue defining host implementation ( topic 3

- We sure want provide audio, midi dataflows, but what about providing a
musical data type for controlling parameters ? Or we still have to use
midi only for automating/tweaking internal parameters (and 128 stepped
changes are a bit obsolete atm) ?
Imho with a new parameter automation definition as a timestamped flow of
events we will sure make easy the way of controlling plugin parameters
from another plugin, or from a gui only, or from host or network ( i.e.
think a parameter automation recorder plugin of other plugins'
parameters ).

- What about using frequency data in/out ( i.e. ala bidule ) ?

Ah. Just if i were a bit off topic, tell me!
Since i probably haven't understood well definition of topic 3.


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