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  • Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 09:50:54 -0500

I would like to propose some other items to add to the agenda:

Programming pattern (C only, C++, multiple inheritance, templates, template
inheritance, template metaprogramming, etc.). Multiple inheritance could
offer a way to provide base classes with functionality "decomposed" into
basic and advanced layers, functional areas, etc.

Requirement (or option?) for "scriptability" via SWIG .i file, adapter
classes, etc. on the grounds that commercial music software offers
scripting environments and this is likely to increase in importance (CAL,
Finale, Sibelius).

I think the degree of complexity of the protocol/difficulty of programming
it should be high on the agenda.

Another item would be whether or not to provide an operating system
abstraction layer for plugin code to call from a library class (such as
"gimpi::System") for files, sockets, threads, synchronization, heaps (GUI
example: VSTGui).

Another item would be whether or not to coordinate and/or integrate with
initiatives of MPEG, some of which are very far reaching, e.g. SAOL/SASL,
audio scene graphs, etc.

Another item would be whether or not plugin libraries are required to use
"class factories" to produce implementations of abstract plugin interfaces
(highly recommended!) which would enable remoting of implementations via
RPC, render farming, parallel processing, GRID access, etc.

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