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(Many of you are receiving this message because you expressed interest in
the "Universal Audio Plugin Architecture" proposal prior to the NAMM MIDI
Manufacturer's Association meeting.)

Welcome to the public discussion list for Generalized Music Plug-In
Interface (GMPI) working group of the MIDI Manufacturer's Association (MMA).
There is also a separate, private MMA GMPI Working Group reflector for MMA
members only.

The purpose of this list is to seek input and feedback from music and audio
software developers, to help define the technical requirements of GMPI.

The objective of the GMPI working group is to create a unified cross
platform music plug-in interface. This new interface is hoped to provide an
alternative choice to the multitude of plug-in interfaces that exist today.
Among the many benefits of standardization are increased choice for
customers, lower cost for music plug-in vendors and a secure future for
valuable market-enabling technology.

Like MIDI, GMPI will be license free and royalty free.

Phase 1 of the GMPI working group's effort is to determine what is required
of GMPI: What sorts of capabilities are needed to support existing products
and customers? What are the emerging new directions that must be addressed?

Phase 1 is open to any music software developer and is not limited to MMA
members. It will last a minimum of three months, to be extended if deemed
necessary by the MMA. Discussions will be held on this list, with possible
meetings at major industry gatherings such as AES, NAMM and Musik Messe.

Following the collection of requirements in Phase 1, the members of the MMA
will meet to discuss and evaluate  proposals, in accordance with existing
MMA procedures for developing standards. There will be one or more periods
for public comment prior to adoption by MMA members.

If you are a developer with a serious interest in the design of this
specification, and are not currently a member of the MMA, we urge you to
consider joining. Fees are not prohibitively high even for a small
commercial developer. Your fees will pay for administration, legal fees and
marketing. Please visit http://www.midi.org for more information about

Participation in this list is subject to approval of the list moderator and
contingent upon your abiding by the following rules:
* Please stay on topic.
* You are responsible for your own words.
* Please respect your fellow subscribers.
* Redistributing anyone else's words without their permission is grounds for

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Thanks for joining!

Ron Kuper
GMPI Working Group Chair

Generalized Music Plugin Interface (GMPI) public discussion list
Participation in this list is contingent upon your abiding by the
following rules:  Please stay on topic.  You are responsible for your own
words.  Please respect your fellow subscribers.  Please do not
redistribute anyone else's words without their permission.

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