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  • From: David Olofson <david@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 13:44:41 +0100

On Wednesday 12 February 2003 07.39, Tim Hockin wrote:
> > Regarding doubles vs floats vs ints for controls, think like an
> > experimental composer. Of course you will need absolutely all the
> > precision you can get for some crazy reason. The protocol should
> > NOT limit the imagination of the composer for ANY avoidable
> > reason!
> We have to weigh the benefits of double precision vs the double
> size.  Is there any reason to define the basic sample data type to
> double?  It doubles all our memory bandwidth needs.  I'd say this
> is something that is not good.

I would agree, but being that I have some interest in integer audio 
myself, and that I can see at least theoretical reasons for having 64 
bit double audio, I'm not so sure.

I *am* pretty sure there should be 32 bit float audio, though. We just 
don't have the memory bandwidth to waste, and I doubt that will 
change in the next few years. Remember that what we're doing today 
won't cut it in five years - and that probably goes for number of 
plugin instances in a net as well.

> Should we force all float controls to be double-precision?  maybe. 
> Does it really buy us anything?

Well, considering XAP and musical time, there is a need for some sort 
of 64 bit controls anyway, whether there are 32 but controls or not. 
It can't be avoided for musical time, and if there is to be an 
interface for that, why not just use standard controls? No 
non-standard semantics for connections or communication or 

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