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> >On Tue, Feb 17, 2004 at 02:22:35PM -0500, Michael Stauffer wrote:
> > If the host is not accepting tempo input from anywhere else (or
> > depending on how it's all set up, if there's just a single tempo
controller that
> > has a *static* tempo map posted and designated for use), then
> > lookahead will not be wrong. Ie, if there's a single static tempo map
> > that's being used during performance, there's no chance it will
> > change. I figure this is a common scenario.
> That's a big set of "if"s.  I would think it would be more common for a
> host  to always provide the option to change the tempo, rather than
> disallowing  it.

I have to disagree here Tim, it;s not that big a set of  IFs and I'd have
thought that for a linear DAW then the "fixed tempo map" is more common than
one changing in real time.  Take your projects (noted below), once you've
found the best fit you never change the tempo and the map stays fixed whilst
you work on other aspects. I suspect this is a very common scenario.

What is wrong with the host returning an error condition if it is in a state
that it can't be sure about the tempo that information is requested for ?
I.E if it's accepting readltime tempo input (from any source) then it can't
return a sensible value for future tempos ? (it is of course up to the host
to make this decision and the plugin what it wants to do about it, I don't
think GMPI should define these conditions or actions to be taken).

> My own projects rarely ever change the tempo, though I do fiddle with it
> in realtime to find the best fit.

Well then, I refer you to this Sound on Sound article:


Not only is a good read, it's a good indication on what can be done with
Tempo in a linear project.

Andy C

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