[gmpi] Re: 3.9 Time Formats

  • From: "David Viens" <davidv@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: gmpi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2004 21:06:12 -0500

Hi again

>BTW, David, I looked at VST Modules SDK, and couldn't find a way to *set*
>the hosts tempo map. I posted to the mailing list and someone from

Hum i think you got me there. I just doublke checked.

>Steinberg replied that it can NOT be done and also that VST Modules does
>NOT allow realtime setting of host tempo, ala VST 2.0. Damn!

yeah big mistake on that one. 
I found out about that one when looking at the examples

Plus Microtuning is still described as integer cent detuning
(instead of floating point)

So really theres not much point in this new API. 
Better wait for GMPI :)


David Viens, Plogue Art et Technologie Inc. 
Montreal. http://www.plogue.com

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