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> Just tell me what plugins you write or use that are time-aware (in any
> sense) and what plugins you think you might write or use that are time
> aware.

Hopefully I can contribute here.  So far far me "time awareness"  has been
limited to the abilty to sync to tempo coming from the host.    So I guess I

1: The abilty to get the tempo for the current sample set from the host
2: The ability to look ahead at the tempo map
3: The ability to convert from tempo to milliseconds  from a given note
length.    Preferably I like to ask the host, given my current sample, what
is the tempo and what is the length in milliseconds for X note length ?
(where x is some representation of notes, dotted or triplets for example).
4: Given the ability to "look ahead" in the tempo map, I'd like to do the
same calculation for any point on the tempo map (in case my plugin needs to
do tempo look ahead for some reason)

Bottom line, at the moment, I just need a simple way to convert from tempo
map to milliseconds given a certain note length.  Hope this is helpful

Andy C
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