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  • From: "Arun Ponniah S" <saponniah@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: glugot@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: 14 Apr 2004 21:50:34 -0000

> > Even though Windows has security measures, viruses r being
> > created. But Linux is a free software. Wouldn't it be easier for the
> > hackers to bring in MANY new viruses?
>Viruses, use anomalies found in a software to exploit it. It dosent
>have anything to do whether the source is available or not. The issue
>is how the code is written. On the Linux kernel, the bugs are shallow
>since there are many eyes watching it (quote borrowed from Linus

I think what Joe says is right. May be the reason why there is no more viruses 
for Linux now is that, it is not widely used compared to windows. Viruses 
developers need to attack systems in a big number and so go for windows. And as 
Joe said the kernel is being developed by many people, the possibility for bugs 
is very narrow. All the corner cases are catched up and fixed.

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