[glugot] Welcome to GLUGOT (GNU/Linux User Group Of Tce).

  • From: Joe Steeve <joe_steeve@xxxxxxx>
  • To: glugot@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 06 Jan 2004 17:51:54 +0530 (IST)


Happy New Year to all `Freedom lovers' of TCE.

This mail is the confirmation that you've been subscribed to the
mailing-list of GLUGOT (GNU/Linux User Group Of Tce). I've added you
to the list as you were interested in GNU/Linux and attended the
GNU/Linux Forum inagural ceremony and first meeting on
20-12-2003. This mailing list is exclusive for TCEians. You are free
to discuss GNU/Linux & Free Software related issues. Post your
questions freely here. If you have any problems with the list
administration related please mail me in person (Read: PS2).

I apologize for the delay in the creation of this list. I was out of
town. ;)

To post a question/reply/comment to the list simply send a email to
`glugot@xxxxxxxxxxxxx'. Please take care to give a short and apt
subject to your email so that, people can get a picture of the content
of your posting from your subject line. Also refrain from sending
HTML/RTF/(any other formatted) mail to the list. Please send ONLY

Have fun.


"Software is like sex; Its better when it is free"
                                 -- Linus Torvalds
visit : http://www.joesteeve.tk/

What is HTML/Formatted email?
     Formatted email is email which has different fonts with nice
     embedded pictures/smileys in different colors. If your client or
     email-service provider (yahoo, rediff, etc..) lets you type mail
     whose fonts can be changed and colours chosen, then it is in
     `Formatted text mode'. You've to turn it off and switch it to
     `Plain text mode' or `Simple editor mode'. 

Why `Plain text email'?
     A lot of technical people mostly use a simple text mode console
     to check e-mail. This is much faster and more convenient. When
     you send HTML/Formatted mails to them., they wont be able to
     seeit. Many of these people get an average of 100 to 200 email a
     day (from a number of mailing lists) so they dont usually take
     pains to convert your message to plain text and check it. They
     simply ignore it. Some may even get irritated and may FLAME you
     (Read: PS3). 

     On the other hand., plain text messages are more user
     friendly. They are simple to read from various platforms and
     clients. Hence always send only Plain Text Messages (Atleast on
     mailing lists).

How to ask a question?
    Simply put your question in an email to
    `glugot@xxxxxxxxxxxxx'. Also add a apt title to your email so that
    people can get an idea of what your message contains by simply
    reading the subject line. For example., if your question is
    something like "I've a xyz computer with 123MB ram. I installed
    linux and my computer does not boot. Linux just spits errors.."
    give a subject line as "Linux booting problem"

    _Do_ not add phrases such as `Urgent' on your posting. Something
    that is urgent to you is not urgent to others. Usually people on
    mailing lists are not paid for the service they render you. They
    are out there to help you _volutarily_. Though on this list,
    students wont reply with an RTFM (Read: PS3), its a good practice
    to avoid such things so that you dont do them on other mailing
    lists where you are surely bound to be FLAMEd (Read: PS3).

    If you can please search on google before putting the question on
    the list.

What if someone FLAMEs me?
    This is a difficult situation. The best thing would be to keep
    silent. Or simply ignore. The list admins will not let a Flame
    war on the list. So you'll be safe without embarassment. But its
    best to avoid inviting Flames from other list members. So please
    refrain from using words which can invite a flame war. (But what
    is FLAME? > Read PS3).

This list is administrated by three student admins:
     1. "Joe Steeve" <joe_steeve@xxxxxxx> 
        -- 2nd semester ME CSE
     2. "Ananth Shrinivas" <ananthshrinivas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
        -- 8th semester BE CSE.
     3. "S Arun Ponniah" <saponniah@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
        -- 6th semester BE CSE.

You can mail your administration related problems to any one of
us. But please take care to send us only plain text messages. (I
ignore all HTML/Formatted emails)

The acronyms such as FLAME, RTFM are extreme replies that you can get
when you irritate the  person on the other end very badly. I dont want
to explain the meaning of these terms here. You can check them out on

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