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  • From: Joe Steeve <joe_steeve@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2005 22:26:47 +0530

"Arun Ponniah S" <sap@xxxxxxx> writes:
>> Why is RedHat Linux said as "dealing with Red Hat will be no
>> different than dealing with Microsoft. " ?
> I think the main reason is that the Redhat distros include
> softwares which are unstable. Thats why you get hung up sometime
> with those softwares in Redhat. Debian(stable versions) in the
> other case includes only stable softwares. May be I'm right ??

Heh., I had gone to Sona College of Technology for advocacy
talk. They had some machines/software donated by RedHat. I saw one
of them.. It was labeled `Powered by RedHat`.. There was not even
a mention of `Linux`., let alone `GNU`.. 

They contribute to Free Software., that is good.. but they have
some non-free software too. `RedHat Enterprise Linux` has non-free
software in it. 

Morover, they try to break some hard UNIX rules. UNIX admins are
used to hacking around the bootup scripts or other such stuff to
make things work.. its simpler to maintain that way. However,
`RedHat Linux` has some `user-friendly` GUI stuff which hide away
a lot of the details.. The funny thing is that., even if a high
profile user wants to tweak his system., it would not be easy. 

Just for example.. changing the IP address on a RedHat box is not
easy without their config-tool. I've still not been able to figure
out where to touch.. they seem to maintain redundant copies of

However, these are my views.. I maybe wrong. I maybe biased ;)

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