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One Day One Command :-

cat -- CATenate files & print on the STDOUT


>From Jargon File: Catenate is an obscure word meaning "to connect 
in a series", which is what the "cat" command does to one or more 

Cat will conCATenate the FILE(s) / STDIN to STDOUT. 


$ cat MyFile  -- Dump the file to STDOUT

$ cat File1 File2 File3 -- Dump File1, File2  & File3

$ cat -b File -- Print the File with Number for Non blank lines

$ cat -s File -- Squeeze multiple blank lines to single.

$ cat -A File -- Show the Non-Printable Chars also

$ cat > File -- Concat the STDIN to STDOUT & FILE.

Read: info cat

Bye :)
Bharathi S

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