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From: Arpit Sud <arpitsud@xxxxxxxxx>
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Venue : Z0 Hall, CSE Dept.

A short talk on "NS-2", a network simulator was given by Arpit Sud.

NS-2 is an event driven network simulator developed by the UC

The two main goals behind the development of NS were:
1. To support network education and research.
2. Freely distributable, open source development.

NS-2 simulation script is written in Tcl. Hence a brief
introduction to the fundamnetals of Tcl was given and its object
oriented extension the OTcl was also discussed.

A NS-2 simulation script will essentially consist of the following

1. Creating simulator object and opening a trace file.
2. Creating nodes.
3. Configuring links between nodes. It includes specifying the
   delay, bandwidth and queue mechanism of the link
4. Setting up agents on nodes.
5. Running applications on Agents.
6. Schedule events for the applications.
7. Call the finish proc.
8. Run the simulation.

A wireless simulation will also follow the above sequence but
there are few other things that need to be perfomed like
configuring the nodes, and creation of a GOD [ General Operations
Director ] object

NS-2 has support for several agents like TCP, UDP. You can run
application like FTP, Telnet and several others.  With added
support for wireless networking you can simulate ad-hoc networks
also.  Efforts are on to develop a real-time emulator, which to
can be connected to a physical network and the network performance
can be analysed.

[Minutes contributed by: Arpit Sud]

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