GlowCode 4.0 Release Announcement

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  • Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 17:57:00 -0400

Dear GlowCode user,

We're proud to announce the release of GlowCode 4.0, a major step forward
for software diagnostics.

Go to to download, purchase, and upgrade
to this great new release.

GlowCode 4.0 offers more than 50 new features and enhancements. Here are a
few highlights:


** GlowCode Exclusive ** GlowCode 4.0 provides heap allocation / free counts
at each node in the execution call tree. This allows you to instantly verify
the heap usage by a particular function, and quickly spot memory leaks at
their source.

* New "Details" windows provide lists of all callers and callees of a
function, along with count and time metrics. Available for profile, report,
and trace.


* New template makes it easy to select which functions to hook. Using the *
and ? wild characters, you can specify which functions to include or
exclude, based on a function's module, file, and function name.

* Support for OLE Automation allows external programmatic control.


* Memory tool meters VirtualAlloc and HeapAlloc resource usage.


* Hook creation runs 3 times faster.


* New load option launches GlowCode using debug API.

* New troubleshooting aid provides diagnostic report.

How to get GlowCode 4.0

If you do not have a current license, purchase one from If you wish to evaluate first, you may
request a temporary license and download the new release from In the comments field of the evaluation
form, please indicate which version of GlowCode you previously purchased or

If you purchased or upgraded your GlowCode license more than one year ago,
go to to upgrade your license for $100,
receive an upgrade key, and download the new version.

If you purchased or upgraded your GlowCode license in the past year, you may
upgrade to GlowCode 4.0 free of charge. Go to to download the new release. Your current
license key will be valid.

Note: If you downloaded GlowCode 4.0 before you received this announcement,
please download again and install the latest version.

We welcome your feedback. Contact us at release-team@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

~ The GlowCode Release Team ~

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